Monday, August 21, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here starts a selection of random pics from the last few weeks. We're gonna start with the old man cos the colour of this picture is amazing. Good face pops! Posted by Picasa

These are the British bar owners who let us get away with murder. Posted by Picasa

This is me on a racing bike in some British bar in Funabashi. I was out with me boy Rob. This is right before we stole the ketchup, coated the bar and i failed to ride the bike down the stairs and broke my wookie. Posted by Picasa

Its a real mixed bag of nuts i know but I want to show you some random pictures. Here's me playing in a park in Omiya. Photography skills and design courtesy of Delphine! Posted by Picasa

here's a workmate of mine, Shelley. She will really appreciate me putting this picture of her on my blog. She is a proper Jakey. Posted by Picasa

Don't make me destroy you. Posted by Picasa

This is me messing about with my flat mates present from his girlfriend. A Darth Vader voice changing thingy. Let me see you with my own eyes. Posted by Picasa

Here's a nice pic of my mate Adam on his birthday t'other day. Right of him is Miho who had just finished lessons like us. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is classic...The last live act we saw were The Happy Mondays, who were rocking. This pic however is Bez's DJ set at 4am. This involved some other guy DJing while Bez danced around and shouted 'Moshi Moshi' to the crowd. It was a fitting end to great day/night out. Getting home was just a matter of catching the first bullet train from the nearest station. pretty much every seat was taken up by muddy sleeping concert goers. All the regular business men travellers had to stand...beautiful. Posted by Picasa

This act were called 'Buffalo Daughter'. They were a Japanese band...kinda Goldfrapp meets Chillis meets Mylo. Anyways they were pretty rocking in places..unlike the subdued crowd. It was really frustrating. Funny thing was, two hours later we both check out this jazz band in a small tent/marquee thingy...and what happens? As the jazz band strike up, the crowd go nuts! We're talking Slayer mosh pit nuts..all elbows and fists! What the bobbins is going on Japan? You've got it all arse about face! Posted by Picasa

This is the main stage. Currently playing are The Racontuers. Jack Whites new mish mash band. They were shite. Painting by numbers, run of the mill, 3 chord bollocks i love to slag off. Oh yeahhhhhh. Meeeooww. Saucer of milk, table 3. Posted by Picasa

Here's a Canadian act..Broken Social Scene. We bundled our way rather easily through the crowd to get a better view. Thats the front , can you believe how non squashed we were. beautiful. Posted by Picasa

As you can see the site was positioned in the mountains. It was visually stunning! Posted by Picasa

Japanese crowds at festivals are pretty tame compared to other countries. So well behaved and silent inbetween songs. It's a little hard to imagine and sometimes annoying. Come on people..LET GO! Posted by Picasa

Japanese hand. Note wonderfully manicured nails. No one in Japan has bad nails. Posted by Picasa

Rinocerose! What an amazing French band. I recommend whole heartedly! Posted by Picasa

Sunday Delphine and I went to FUJI ROCK...a massive outdoor festival...I reckon 250,000 people attended. It was huge. Here's D as we wait to enter. Posted by Picasa

After the Onsen. Posted by Picasa

This is an 'Onsen' This particular style is called a 'kashi kiri buro' (private onsen) This is filled with very hot volcanic natural spring water. You can sit in it for about an hour before you start to feel very dizzy indeed. The floating fruits were not a grocery accident. They are used to lessen the sulphur smell. Posted by Picasa

Here we are on the way to IZU. Posted by Picasa

Mmmmm fish head! Posted by Picasa

Lovely orange yukata. Posted by Picasa

Is this 492435? No, sorry it's 492434. Oh ok, sumimasen! Posted by Picasa

It's been too long. I'm sorry. I have been really busy. last month I had a short vacation in IZU Attagawa. Here are the best photos from the trip. Delphine and I stayed in a traditional Japanese style hotel..'Ryokan'. We pretty much spent 3 days dressed in nothing but Yukata's. The food was all traditional Japanese fayre. You can see me eating a fish for breakfast..delicious. Delphine is seen using an old Japanese telephine that is connected direct to the Emperor's quarters..she wished him well.  Posted by Picasa