Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is classic...The last live act we saw were The Happy Mondays, who were rocking. This pic however is Bez's DJ set at 4am. This involved some other guy DJing while Bez danced around and shouted 'Moshi Moshi' to the crowd. It was a fitting end to great day/night out. Getting home was just a matter of catching the first bullet train from the nearest station. pretty much every seat was taken up by muddy sleeping concert goers. All the regular business men travellers had to stand...beautiful. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous parkersen said...

hahah - I'd have love to have seen that. Bez = legend

8:19 pm

Blogger Ryan said...

sounds like there's some solid sets bein thrown down, wish i could catch em with ya bro. sry i didn't give you a completely (mostly) heterosexual embrace on the way out man, we owe each other some partyin' somewhere the road. take care man. been followin, and will continue to watch your stuff on here, and tell adam his website isn't taking comments, lil bastard. just got my website working again. look me up sometime.

much props to the kuma crew...


8:07 pm


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