Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is an 'Onsen' This particular style is called a 'kashi kiri buro' (private onsen) This is filled with very hot volcanic natural spring water. You can sit in it for about an hour before you start to feel very dizzy indeed. The floating fruits were not a grocery accident. They are used to lessen the sulphur smell. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous the bass said...

sulpher smell!too much sushi mattyboy luv your bass face ,what was it like playing a REAL guitar? THE BASS

3:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

felt like it was missing some strings . ha ha

10:48 am

Blogger jennyR said...

naked Del!

11:49 pm

Blogger Mattyboy said...

naked matt as well!

11:33 am

Blogger delfiend said...


12:18 am


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