Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's not everyday you get to move to a tropical island to teach your mother tongue. In fact, it's pretty bloody rare. So, right now I am thinking of what got me in this position. Yes it's 4.45am and I should be alseep, but I've got so much to do! It's been a crazy crazy busy few days. Moving to Japan was a major event in my life, well, now it begins again. I'm starting to wonder if I was born a nomad. Designed to scour the earth looking for new challenges. Right now the biggist chalinge is lernin to spel so that my stoodents can benny fit from my abillytees wiv ingelish. So dat in da fuchure,we cn all speek the queens inglish. Safe!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here's my student Akiko with her saxaphone group dancing to some excellent Spanish band (out of shot). Behind is the free/flea decide! Above this shot is me under a parasol. I never thought my day would come where I used a parasol. Before, I thought they were stupid, old fashioned and pointless. But, this particular one saved me from becoming a big fried pink English lobster!Posted by Picasa

I had a sunday off recently (uberrare) so I went to a free market. Kinda like a car boot sale. It maybe called a flea market I'm not sure but you know what its like with r's and l's. Anyways, here's one of my students playing in her saxaphone group, she is just obscurred by the cheerleaders elbow. I think they were playing 'Hey Jude' Posted by Picasa

Is that dog playing with a big wollen cock 'n' balls? Posted by Picasa

Here's a video of an electrical storm Delphine and I saw the other night. It was in Ginza, Tokyo. We were wandering the streets at 3 am waiting for the main fish market to you do. The sky was alight with huge random flashes but no sound. We were most puzzled. Ideas that sprung to mind were a light show at a concert, a movie being shot or heavy construction welding. Wrong! An amazingly silent electrical storm. It was special but also slightly unnerving. It was chasing us and making all our hairs stand on Delphine run! Another amazing thing we saw was a naked tramp sitting on the side of the busiest junction with all but a bottle of whiskey...genius. We took time out to ask him how he got where he is right now and what we need to do to acheive the same. I will post more on the fish market when D gets her photos developed. Thats another story! Peace x