Monday, May 29, 2006

I thought I was a good dancer, but this picture proves otherwise. Shame.  Posted by Picasa

Here's another out the window shot. The reflection of the sun in the window makes the tree look on fire. In other news, I am moving house in two days. I will be offline for about 4 weeks so bare with me people. I'm moving into a 3 bedroom house with my current flatmate, Adam. Excited. The weather here is getting more humid everyday. Your face always has a thin film of sweat any time of the day. Wearing a suit in the humidity is quite a test. Water! I'd like to direct you to ...user mjdp1978. Here you can see videos I have made for your enjoyment. I'm going to polish my shoes now as Delphine's father landed in Tokyo a few hours ago. One has to meet, greet and be on ones best behavior. Delphine and I also had some pictures taken together at a crazy Japanese photo booth. Expect them on here soon! xxx love ya. Mattyboy Posted by Picasa

A classic bass face pose in dusky night club in Tokyo.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The photography bike. Posted by Picasa

Now, this deeley is a tricky one. You have to hop in a sort of rhythm to pilot it. I didn't bother with this bike because I saw what Adam looked like on it. Posted by Picasa

Danger! Danger! No brakes! Posted by Picasa

This shot is taken from one of the photography bikes. Posted by Picasa

Here's Adam again on the 'danger' bike. Look at the fear in his eyes. Posted by Picasa

here's Adam again on a crazy bike you steer like a tank. It has no free wheel action and no brakes. You stop this machine by snapping your ankles under the pedals, flying forward and using the friction between your face and the tarmac to slow you. Posted by Picasa

Now here's an interesting deeley. To pilot this machine you have to swing your legs in and out. One lap on this baby complete renders you unable to walk. Great work out for the inner thigh though. My pelvic floor never felt so good. Posted by Picasa

Here's yours truly. these trikes look fast but go really slow.  Posted by Picasa

What do you do on a sunny day when all the shops are shut? Yes, that's right, go to the crazy bike park with your flat mate. Here we have Adam, you remember him. He is riding a 3 wheeled trike. These were the best for taking photos. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yesterday was a day for trying out new things! I finished work at 2pm and had to get to Omiya by 2.30pm. How? By Shinkansen baby. Kumagaya to Omiya is a 45 minute train journey. However, Kumagaya to Omiya in the Shinkansen is a 9 minute journey. I was amazed. The doors slide open with a psssssstshshs. They are air locked for super speed travel. Its like entering Thunderbird 2, or 1, I dunno I was never into Thunderbirds. The big green one. Anyways, I met Delphine in omiya and couldn't really stand or sit still because I was buzzing from the super fast journey. This was a relatively short journey too. The train didn't even get out of 2nd gear. Delphine and I then visited an agency that deals with TV and film extra work. We signed up, had pictures taken and were measured thoroughly! I'll keep the blog posted if anything happens with that. After that we both travelled to Shimbashi to meet with an old university friend of Delphine's. Taka studied in Canada but now lives in his home country with his family. He was a great guy. He took us to a Thai restaurant which was my next 'new thing'. Sure I've had Thai food before, but in an authentic Thai restaurant? No. Oh my Lord Thai food where have you been all my life. Tom Yung Kun was something I really wanted to try. A sour soup loaded with chillis. It was heaven. Also on the menu was sumptuous spring rolls and green curry that made my taste buds implode. All washed down with delicious Singha beers of course. The day ended quietly. Heads lolling on the busy peasant style normal train. It had been 30 degrees all day and pretty much all evening. Nothing a cold shower and a cold beer couldn't fix.  Posted by Picasa