Thursday, June 07, 2007


"i want a divorce!"

wedding wouldnt be complete without a muscle pose

Quick the drugs are wearing off

shotgun wedding!

does it make you think of cadburys?

"these rings are plastic"

"kiss me like you mean it so i can stay in the country!"

Japan is over man. how mad is that. It already feels like it was ages ago. Recently I decided to get married. Which was very fun. I will let the pictures do the talking! (as usual) I think I'd better allow a caption competition to occur. Please feel free but keep it clean! Like I do...mwahahha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i never you are a bad boy. don't mock the 2 become 1 song you will be happy and make it last forever or i will kick your arse. lol. take care love you. Rebecca

1:25 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is only one caption that comes to mind on picture two. you used to say it when you were little in your highchair!!! with your fist up, you said "want nis?"lol,love to you both xx lorraine xx

1:59 am


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