Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tomato Sensei

My nickname with the kids of Okinawa was 'Tomato Sensei'. Why? Here's why. My name badge said 'Matt'. The Japanese way of saying 'Matt' is 'Matto' hence TO MA TTO, and I was often sunburnt! In the picture above are my fav senior group..Maika, Yuto and Ryu.

This is wee Tomoka. She was proper cute.

Minami and Saika with Tomato. Koya is hiding behind the girls.

From left to right and top to bottom...Ryu, Tomato, Hirose, Saika, Minami, Fuko, Hiroaki and Koya.

Sweet flowers from little Funo. Arigato.

Lots of Matts on the whiteboard by Mone and Haruka.

These two were great. Proper cheeky though sometimes as you can see by their faces.

Hee Hee

My other group of kinders with one of the reception staff (Natsuko) Tomato, Miss Asahi, Nanako, Yuna and Mr Asahi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what lovely pictures you have of your students.i bet they will miss you alot,as we do xxxxxxxxxxxxlorraine and the ipswich crew xx

1:17 am


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