Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new stuff

Below are some various pictures from the last 5 months. There's a few more of ma in Okinawa, Christmas day in Tokyo with the ladies and some other random shots. Enjoy.... GOON!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi custard boy! lo9l nice new pics on here,especially the girls like the blonde dolly with large head. hope your both ok,speak soon,love lorraine.i hope im one of the special people mentioned lol xx

3:05 am

Blogger Mattyboy said...

of course, your a regular visitor! xxx

9:48 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi its me again!!! about those dollies,they are also on the christmas pics.they are both drunk on the table near the champagne glasses.where can i get them? do they have names?the girls love em cos there unusual.still missing you bro :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx lorraine

7:12 am


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