Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here we are on the way to IZU. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous the bass said...

mattyboy impressing delphine with his indepth knoledge of train timetables!

3:47 am

Blogger delfiend said...

nothing turns me on more than the sound of train arrival and departure times but the thing that really puts me over the edge is the travel destination time....whoah! look out!
more matty....MORE!

1:31 am

Anonymous Rebecca said...

Very good Delphine you have studied well with Matt about Jason that comment should hit the spot, Can't wait to meet you 1 day, Keep him in line for me.R XX

12:48 am

Blogger Mattyboy said...

thats delphines sense of humour. i had no part in teaching anything, i only teach english.

8:18 pm


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