Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas in Tokyo & Jenny2

Christmas eve me and the spoon took a Pokemon Shania to Tokyo. We met Jenny2 at Narita. Delphine couldn't contain her excitement. She was buzzing at the arrival of her orange friend. We all headed to our old stomping groud Saitama to meet the oldskool girlies Lola and Shelley...Happy times!

The evening was spent drinking ginsing wine and all kinds of beer, chu hi and snacky bits whilst playing 'pop up goya'. Okinawa's hilarious take on 'pop up pirate'. POON!!! It was of course a drinking game. Pop the goya, down ya drink! Jenny2 suffered 3 pops in a row, hence the name 3 in a Rowsom, which is her surname. Quality

Next day, bright and early and freeezing (Okinawa temp in December: 25C, Tokyo : -4C) we took the train to Shinjuku. Whilst D caught up with Jenny2, I amazed Shelley with tales of Okinawan history, jokes and how a lightbulb works.

Christmas lunch was spent on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt hotel. We're talking hoity toity posh as balls melon farming tip top class act lunch at the finest place in Japan. God knows how we got in. I had lamb, the girls opted for turkey.

After much fine dining the girls fell asleep under a huge flute of champagne.

After some shopping we took the train home. On the train Jenny2's shoulder became strangely magnetised and started having strange effects on Japanese mens heads!

The girls went to Fukiage while I went to Ageo...."This used to be my playgrounnnnnd"

I met up with my old roomie Adam, and some of the other Kumagaya crew like big Adam and the newbies too. It was great to see my old house again. Adam had spruced it up with a coffee table and a nice new sofa. Looked proper cosy. Well done lad. ;o)

All pictures taken by Delphine.