Saturday, June 23, 2007


BOXING CAT 'want nis?'

I'm so close to getting my work visa I can smell it. Can't wait to get on it. Here's a few recent pics to keep you occupied. First is Delphine's cat half mine I guess! haha. The second pic is on Toronto island looking at the small planes taking off.

second pic taken by David Lewis

Thursday, June 07, 2007


"i want a divorce!"

wedding wouldnt be complete without a muscle pose

Quick the drugs are wearing off

shotgun wedding!

does it make you think of cadburys?

"these rings are plastic"

"kiss me like you mean it so i can stay in the country!"

Japan is over man. how mad is that. It already feels like it was ages ago. Recently I decided to get married. Which was very fun. I will let the pictures do the talking! (as usual) I think I'd better allow a caption competition to occur. Please feel free but keep it clean! Like I do...mwahahha.