Monday, May 29, 2006

Here's another out the window shot. The reflection of the sun in the window makes the tree look on fire. In other news, I am moving house in two days. I will be offline for about 4 weeks so bare with me people. I'm moving into a 3 bedroom house with my current flatmate, Adam. Excited. The weather here is getting more humid everyday. Your face always has a thin film of sweat any time of the day. Wearing a suit in the humidity is quite a test. Water! I'd like to direct you to ...user mjdp1978. Here you can see videos I have made for your enjoyment. I'm going to polish my shoes now as Delphine's father landed in Tokyo a few hours ago. One has to meet, greet and be on ones best behavior. Delphine and I also had some pictures taken together at a crazy Japanese photo booth. Expect them on here soon! xxx love ya. Mattyboy Posted by Picasa


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