Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here's a video of an electrical storm Delphine and I saw the other night. It was in Ginza, Tokyo. We were wandering the streets at 3 am waiting for the main fish market to open...as you do. The sky was alight with huge random flashes but no sound. We were most puzzled. Ideas that sprung to mind were a light show at a concert, a movie being shot or heavy construction welding. Wrong! An amazingly silent electrical storm. It was special but also slightly unnerving. It was chasing us and making all our hairs stand on end...run Delphine run! Another amazing thing we saw was a naked tramp sitting on the side of the busiest junction with all but a bottle of whiskey...genius. We took time out to ask him how he got where he is right now and what we need to do to acheive the same. I will post more on the fish market when D gets her photos developed. Thats another story! Peace x


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