Thursday, November 23, 2006

At long long last, my heroes are coming to Japan. Its not very often you get to see your favourite act in a far away country. It began back in the early 90's. These fine young men were the soundtrack to puberty. Take it away guys....


Anonymous Reiko said...

got your blog finally!!
How are you doing?
â… enjoed the photoes in kumagaya.
it reminds me of my university days.kumagaya station,cherry blossom trees....
so beautiful.

8:07 am

Blogger parkersen said...

haha - I always pictured you as more of a New Kids on the Block fan.

"Hangin' tough!!!"

2:51 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh! I know! They did this great show that was on TV recently. you could see Tokyo tower in the background. It was wonderful. Took me back! Singing I`ll make love to you when you are in Primary school though. Its a bit wrong innit? And one of them has became a right chubber eh!? Woo hoo! And what happened to the big one with the deep voice?

6:42 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that last post was from shelley by the way. the damn thing is in Japanese. And I cannae read it!

6:43 pm


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