Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today Delphine and I went to the beach! Yey! It was called 'Tropical beach' near Ginowan City. Whilst we sunbathed, American fighter jets flew over head...Top Gun stylee. Foxtrot Lima Tango Charlie Bogeys at one flew over the cuckoos nest, bandits at 3 o'clock..what shall we do 'till then? The picture above was taken with my mobile phone and liberally texted to all on the mainland of Japan. Just to let them know what they are missing in grotty old Saitama..haha! Sorry to those who got this text at had to be done.


Anonymous Adam said...

Lol. I passed your photo around at Lola's party the other night. Another night of crazy shenanigans.

1:31 am


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