Monday, October 09, 2006

Soooooooo different. Here's the view from our Mansion, Lions Mansion. Alllriightttt. It's on the sixth floor just off the main street in Naha city. It's a mix of hustle, bustle, designer clothes shops and seaside kitch. I love it. Plus its been sunny so far every day! Whoop whoop!
So here's Okinawa. This is in fact where Delphine gets to sit on her lunch break! Amazing.
Yes, can I help you?
Fugitives wanted in Kumagaya flee to Okinawa. Warning, these individuals are extremely dangerous and should not be approached by anything.
Delphine and I went to see a performance in Tokyo of experimental percussive music. One of the pieces was composed by Delphine's private student, Seiko. It was a fine evening of culture and musicianship. The highlight, a group of guys from Bulgaria who were the
Joe Satriani's of the xylophone, glockenspiel and vibraphone world! Anyways, the train back to Yono was very busy. We both stumbled into the 'women only' car. At once, all the men were ushered out of the car by the train attendant. The ordinary mixed cars were packed with sweaty drunk business men. Booooo. So, Delphine wraps her scarf around my head! Bingo! I can stay in the women only car without being spotted.
O.K. Delphine says this is a prime example of the 'white mans overbite'. A quip from a movie she tells me. Apparently most white men do this when busting a groove. Guilty!
Later that night, in the comfort of Lola and Shelley's place in Fukiage, Adam taught me how to line dance like his fellow countrymen.

I was surprised to meet Mr.T in a local restaurant in Kumagaya, so we took a photo...peace.
Blimey, Takeshi and Keiko were there too. Time for another photo! Say cheesuuu

Low and behold who should arrive but Koji. Fully armed with a fistful of coldies. Give that man a medal.
Here's a shot of the voice room at Kumagaya. From left to right, Katsuhiko (granddad), Me, Hiroshi (granddad 2), Takahisa and Hiroko.
Here are two pics of my kids that I taught at my old branch. The small group are seniors and had to be paid to act like they like me. The large group below are actually actors from the local stage school.


Anonymous koki said...

matty boy-!!! what's up, baddy!? i like your pictures. sometimes its weird and sometimes very funny!! in fact i laughed a lot by your wanted pic in kumagaya station. its amazing^^ looks like a real murderer.
so you're having a good time, huh?? now im taking Cambridge ESOL exams course; CAE, its very hard for me. im getting crazy because of this course>_<

6:08 pm

Blogger Martyncito said...

hi Matt, I'm Martyn - used to work at Kumagaya & Kitamoto til Nov '05 - that's some serious deja vu, seeing takahisa & co - nothing changes!

1:30 am


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