Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yesterday Delphine, Shaggy (Delphine's visiting roomie from Saitama) and I went to an aquarium in Nago. It's in the north part of Okinawa, about a 90 minute drive. The Aquarium was great. I saw some old friends from my diving days...Manta rays, Mobula, Puffer fish, Sharks and fish. Lots of fish. Which is completely paradoxical. In Japan the people eat everything that comes from the sea....but here we are gazing at the beautiful beasts that life underwater. Only to return home and eat their relatives. It's just a giant supermarket behind glass surely?!?! Anyway enough of my idiotic thoughts, there are some other pics here of moi on the beach next to the aquarium. This kind of beach makes you pinch yourself...'Do I really live here?'


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