Saturday, March 04, 2006

Today I had my final observation. This determines whether or not I come off probation and start earning the decent money. I think it went ok. If it didn't it's not the end of the world. I've hardly been here that long. It's so strange when I think back a few months. I'd be sat at the window with my mate Neil watching the world go by. We'd usually be drunk and I'd say...'In a month i'll be on the other side of the planet..hiccup.' It was so unbelievable then. Unfathomable.

I almost didn't make it. I remember thinking...'matty what are you doing going all the way to Japan.' I considered staying in the rut I'd happily dug. Now I am here I know I did the right thing.

After work today I met Adam and we went to the local Yaki Tori restaurant. It's a small pokey quaint place but it is ace. The guy who owns it is an old man known only as 'Master'. Adam speaks to him with his fluent Japanese while I sit, smile and order a 'nama biru'. Master never charges me for the beer i drink, just the food. Which at 600 yen for a full meal is very good value. (bout 3 quid) Master knows we are a long way from home so he looks after us. In return we dont shop around for any other Yaki Tori.


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