Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So here I am
Saitama, Japan
Coffee in a can
4 ft 2 barman

No more cheese
Kit kats taste of trees
All kinds of green teas
At kareoke, free peas (they may be beans, I dunno)


Blogger First Blogger said...


good side!!!

Great wishes from First Blogger

8:17 pm

Blogger kenzie said...

nice poem mattyboy

4:36 am

Blogger lorraine(no.3 sis) said...

hi bro,
lovely poem,maybe you could make a song out of the poem,with your sexy deep voice! xx lorrainexx (big sis no.3)

1:31 am

Blogger Jes said...

but does the barman make 4ft2 G'n'T's?? Imagine that!

9:37 pm


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