Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Monday night I went to club in Roppongi called Lexington Queen. Sounds really gay but its not. For gentlemen its 20 quid to get in and you can drink for free until 5am. For the ladies its one pound fifty, I repeat one pound fifty for their entry. Did I mention that they can drink for free as well until 5am?
I was joined by Delphine, Adam, Josh and Darren who are all fellow teachers. As you can imagine the gin flowed like water. :oP yum. We all had requested songs which were eventually played. So, surrounded by Russian models, we danced the night away!
At 5am the boys went in search of kebab. One doesn't care for kebab so Delphine and I sought more refined nourishment. A large bowl of udon and some tempura later we were on our way back to Saitama.
I'm kicking myself because it was such a good night but I didn't take any pictures. Fool.


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no pictures needed

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