Friday, April 28, 2006

Japan has a hum about it tonight. Its Friday night, It's been a scorching day...25 C - 27 C. The night is slightly balmy in an English summer kind of way. People are milling around the station, cabs honk at each other in the neon glow. Business men stand in the road swaying from quantities of sake unknown. Karaoke noises wail from small dingy bars gaijin are not welcome at. It's all quite intoxicating. Last week Delphine and I finally found the 'all you can eat' Indian buffet we had heard so much about. It was delicious. Large hearty bowls of curry were set beside huge bowls of rice. Naan and poppadoms were constantly topped up so no one went short. It was so comforting to eat some Indian food. Englands national dish. After the feed we both drank a few strong drinks in a saloon style jazz bar. The night was completed with an overnight stay in a 'love hotel'. Whilst perusing the many different types of room available I saw this graffitti. (see pic) Don? You've been to Japan then mate? Summat your not telling us?  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Paul Donovan said...

The Don is everywhere & he is nowhere. He is in England & he is in Japan. He is all-seeing and he is all-knowing.

There is only one Don. But there are untold numbers of Don-a-likes.

"Don 2" up to "Don 197,358" are UK based, whereas "Don 3,455,632" up to "Don 3,711,542" are known to live in Japan.

So, the graffitti could be down to any number of 'em really.

Go on Don!! Reprezent. Haha.

4:55 am

Blogger Mattyboy said...

If all da Dons got togeva, u cud form one massive, massive!


10:48 am


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