Saturday, April 15, 2006

Today I taught a lesson about awkward situations. For example: food stuck to teeth, flys undone, food on face and that really annoying thing that happens when your skirt gets stuck in your knickers. I told my students that when I was small and my fly's were undone, my mum would say 'You're flying low'. In Japan they say....'You're social window is open'. Social window. :O)

I took my guitar to work today. I was obligated to perform in a voice lesson (free ungraded chat room). I chose to teach a few chords and then got the students to sing 'Hey Jude'. It went well...applause! I applauded them, they did me proud.

Missing a decent thrash of an electric guitar though. Fingers itch.


Blogger parkersen said...

"I say Carruthers, you wouldn't do me the honour of rummaging around in my social window, would you? I seem to be having trouble locating my beef bazooka!"....that's a good chap...

1:36 am

Blogger Mattyboy said...

"I say Parkersen, ones beef bazooka seems somewhat larger than yours. And see here, If squeezed betwixed thumb and forefinger, it resembles your nose! Pray tell does yours do the same old bean."

5:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how rude

7:37 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well well didn't take long to drag the page down here did it. not the sort of thing we want to read. Mother

7:39 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why I think the ramblings of Carruthers and Parkersen to be the best I've ever seen. Their use of language and old English is quite fascinating. Keep it up chaps!

1:38 am

Blogger parkersen said...

By jove, Carruthers, t'would appear we have some intruiged chaps and chappettes in our midst. Indeed, I would suggest that they are most interested in our trouser rummaging shennanigans. I propose that we set up a Trouser Appreciation Society, whereby a full member could climb the social ladder in order to be rewarded with a venture through the aforementioned social window. Would you second that motion?

6:45 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobbins Parkersen! Absolute horratio! I say, is it time for tiffin yet? I'm flummoxed.

12:29 am


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